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      Quality Assurance
      ISO9001、ISO/TS16949:09 Quality System Authentication、ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification
      Technology & Development
      Perfect product trial production system, high-precision mold manufacturing capacity, domestic leading production equipment and R & D team of high-tech aquatic products
      Experimental Detection
      RFX laboratory is divided into physical and chemical testing room and product laboratory according to different functions
      Service Advantage
      Send samples within 15 days for reciprocating oil seal and 30 days for rotary oil seal; Respond within 24 hours and complete corrective and preventive measures within 7 days
      Experienced technical team and strict quality control, just because they live up to your trust
      Experienced team focused on industry technology
      There are more than 70 engineering and technical personnel and 8 senior engineering and technical personnel. Establish a R & D team with the participation of technicians from world-famous enterprises in the same industry, cooperate with many universities in R & D, and establish partners for the test and inspection of products and rubber materials
      Testing equipment for Testing Specialty
      Advanced rubber testing equipment, mold testing equipment and product source reverse test equipment are adopted, which provides a strong guarantee for product R & D and quality assurance; Runxiang people will continue to improve and keep improving
      Quality assurance high tech equipment strict quality control
      Advanced equipment and facilities for mold manufacturing, metal surface treatment, batching error proofing, rubber mixing, PTFE sintering, polyurethane prepolymer synthesis, sulfur addition, trimming, test and detection, material constant temperature storage, etc
      Worry free after-sales service is trustworthy
      For product development, samples shall be sent within 15 days for reciprocating oil seal and 30 days for rotary oil seal. Products with special structure shall be implemented according to the contract; Reply to customer complaints within 24 hours and complete corrective and preventive measures within 7 days
      Industry information and enterprise trends, pay attention to us to obtain real-time trends
      About Us
      Focuses on quality management system operation, carries forward the spirit of craftsman in pursuit of perfection, sticks to the development idea of ‘specialized, refined, sharp, strong’
        RFX Oil Seal Co., Ltd was founded in August 2000 with the location in Laiyang, Shandong Province, the beautiful Chinese Pear Town. It has two independent legal entities in Laiyang and Qingdao, covering a total area of 98,000 square meters, with an annual capacity of 350 million oil seals plus 50 million polyurethane sealing products. The company has more than 620 employees, including more than 70 engineers and technicians. The sales revenue of 2020-2021 fiscal year is 390 million yuan. MORE
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      Experience Annual Capacity Products Patent
      Customer Case
      Browse on phone
      Copyrights © 2022 RFX Oil Seal Co., Ltd
      No. 7, Chengshan Road, food industrial park, Laiyang City, Shandong Province, P.R. China
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